Currently in Boston— March 14th 2022

The weather, currently.

A milder than average week ahead

After a blustery and cold end of the weekend it will turn more spring like for the upcoming work week. Temperatures will start just below freezing Monday morning but rise to the lower 50s in the afternoon with brilliant sunshine. It will continue mild on Tuesday with highs well into the 50s to near 60 some increase in clouds May yield a shower late in the day or at night. The mild weather continues in the middle of the week with the next chance of showers coming on Thursday. It looks like we have made the turn to spring. —Dave Epstein

What you need to know, currently.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a surge in gas prices around the world. The oil and gas industry is jumping on the opportunity to lie about the driving cause of the hike and advocate for more drilling and even fewer environmental regulations.

This is a false narrative— the instability and greed of the fossil fuel industry are at the root of the skyrocketing prices, and more oil won't change that.

Mary Heglar, lays out a plea here in Hot Take, asking the Biden administration to stop playing into the fossil fuel industries narrative.