Currently in Boston — November 14th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Cold November temperatures for the week

The first 12 days of the month have been the warmest on record, but there's about to be a dramatic change. Cold Canadian high pressure is building into New England and will produce lots of sunshine the next couple of days. But, it will only reach the 40s in the afternoon. So far, the coldest night of the season takes place Monday night into Tuesday morning. This is when temperatures will fall to between 18°F and 25°F. It's likely Boston has its first freeze of the season. If Logan airport somehow escapes without going below 32°F sometime in the next week, the pattern has completely changed.

A nor'easter moves up the coastline on Wednesday. Because of the cold air in place, there could be a few wet snowflakes at the beginning. It's even possible for some light accumulation across northern New England before it changes to rain.

Dave Epstein

What you need to know, currently.

There will be widespread below-average temperatures in much of the lower 48 states, according to Currently’s Chief Meteorologist, Megan Montero.

High temperatures will be 10 to 20 degrees below average, as the cooler temperatures hail from a cold front that made its way across the nation this weekend.

“Locations as far south as the Gulf Coast and Florida panhandle will dip into the 30s during the overnight hours of Sunday and Monday,” Montero said.

Freeze warnings are also in effect across central Texas and the Southeast though Sunday morning.

This is an interesting turn of events because while heat waves and cold spells are a natural part of day-to-day weather variation, heat waves are expected to become more frequent and intense as the Earth’s overall climate warms, while cold spells are expected to decrease.

According to Montero, scientists expect daily minimum temperatures to become warmer at a faster rate than daily maximum temperatures, which will leave less opportunity to cool off and recover from daytime heat.

“On its own, this event isn’t out of the ordinary, [but] something like this will be more infrequent as time goes on,” Montero said.

What you can do, currently.