Currently in Boston— March 23rd 2022

The weather, currently.

Chilly and dry tomorrow before 'ewww' category weather creeps in

Prepare for another brisk, winter-coat-level morning tomorrow with wind chill temperatures in the mid-20s in the Boston Metro. For the afternoon, the breeze ticks down however high temperatures will descend along with the wind speeds at mid-40s at best. We stay dry during the daytime hours tomorrow before a prolonged period of rain will have us dodging puddles for the remainder of the work week. Thursday’s impending raw weather will rate a 0/10, would not recommend, with steady rain, some heavy at times, and highs again in the mid 40s. Yuck. — Lauren Casey

What you need to know, currently.

Remember the Mars-like Saharan dust we shared last week? Well, it could just help nourish the Earth.

The dust caught a ride on some strong winds and traveled across the Mediterranean, turning the air orange and coating surfaces across Europe. In Spain, the combination of dust-filled air and heavy rains led to what residents described as “raining mud”.  

That dust, while a nuisance to air quality, is actually rich in minerals and acts as a fertilizer, according to reporting from The Guardian. In fact, the dust can help to fight climate change. When Saharan dust lands in the Atlantic, it fertilizes microscopic phytoplankton, which in turn absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide.