Currently in Boston— March 22nd 2022

The weather, currently.

A chilly start, a pair of sunny days and prolonged rounds of rain for late week

Whipping winds keep up tonight to yield a not-very-vernal start to our Tuesday. Winter hats are advised with wind chill temperatures in the mid-20s tomorrow morning. We’ll turn down the dial on the breeze a bit by the afternoon and this coupled with blue skies and milder than average highs near 50°F will ultimately culminate in a pretty pleasant early spring day. Sunshine prevails once more for our Wednesday before a soaking rain establishes itself late Wednesday night to make for a puddle-filled Thursday. A few dreaded spring snowflakes may mix in with the rain early Thursday morning.

What you need to know, currently.

Around 15 million people in Texas were under a severe weather watch today, Monday, March 21. Early reports in Jacksboro, Texas say that a tornado caused major damage to a school and nearby buildings. Tornado watches in the region will not lift until late into the evening.

Meanwhile, the storm is on its way south with more severe weather in store on Tuesday across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Tuesday has the highest chance of tornado outbreaks. There is a high likelihood that vulnerable communities may be impacted by these storms.  If you or anyone you know lives in this region this is a good time to brush up on tornado safety.

This system will head further Southeast into Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas on Wednesday.