Currently in Boston — June 1st, 2022

The weather, currently.

Unsettled midweek weather brings cooler temperatures

A back door cold front brought cooler marine air to the region earlier today along with a burst of pollen. You may have noticed all the pine pollen as the air mass changed this was just coincidence and had nothing to do with the weather per se. By the way pine pollen is not typically an allergen although it is very visible. There may be a few showers overnight tonight what temperature is in the 50s. There's a chance for more showers Wednesday evening and again Thursday night and Friday current temperature in the day will be in the 60s falling back about ten degrees overnight meaning you won't need any air conditioning but it's also not Beach weather.

—Dave Epstein

What you need to know, currently.

Check out the latest Currently Explainer! Currently’s managing editor, Zaria Howell, spoke with some of our meteorologists regarding how best to prepare for and survive a hurricane. As hurricane season is upon us, it’s more important than ever to make sure you and your community know the best ways to prepare for this extreme weather event.

Meteorologists say that first, you need to assess how vulnerable your community is to hurricanes. Find out if you and your community are in a storm surge area, for example, and how susceptible your home is to damage. If you know that your area floods, have an evacuation plan. It’s also important to have a “hurricane kit” packed with water, food, medication, personal documents and other essential items. And, make sure you have a long-term plan in place for once the storm passes as well.

Read the full Explainer on our website: Currently Explains: Hurricanes.

Also, we’re holding a Twitter Spaces tomorrow at 8p.m. ET to mark the start of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season. Please join us if you can!