Currently in Boston — July 26th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Not as humid for Tuesday

Limited rainfall yesterday brought an end to the heat wave. Boston reached 90°F and therefore we will have a seven-day-long heat wave in the record books. Tuesday features a lot of sunshine and less humidity. It will feel much more comfortable as dew points will be in the 50s. This is refreshing air although temperatures will still be very warm in the low to mid 80s. We should see a relatively comfortable night tomorrow night as readings fall down to between 60 and 66°F. Wednesday will have a continuation of warm temperatures with highs from 85°F to 90°F. The humidity will remain in check.

Dave Epstein

What you need to know, currently.

Amid escalating extreme weather events around the world, Congressional staffers staged a historic protest today. Congressional staffers that staged a sit-in, and were arrested, while protesting against the climate change policy stalemate.

We published a story, written by our founder, Eric Holthaus, on the event.

“Saul Levin, a climate policy staffer for Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) who helped organized the action and was one of those arrested, said it’s the first time in US history that current congressional staffers have peacefully protested their own party’s leaders inside the US Congress.”

“Last week in a widely publicized speech, Biden failed to declare a climate emergency — a move that would have authorized the use of the Defense Production Act to build heat pumps and solar panels, among many other possibilities. Days later, 60 members of Congress, including Bush, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), wrote a letter to Biden demanding he use the ‘full power’ of the executive branch due to the ‘scope and urgency of the crisis.’"

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