Currently in Boston— April 29th, 2022

The weather, currently.

A moderating trend as we head to the weekend

Winds will continue to be noticeable during the day on Friday as temperatures recover from a cold start. If you have any tender vegetation outside you may want to cover it tonight as temperatures fall down to the lower 30s. After reaching the low to mid 50s on Friday it will not be as cold or as windy for Saturday. Highs will be 55°F to 60°F in the afternoon, along with plenty of sunshine. It turns even milder for Sunday with readings getting well into the 60s. The dry weather continues into early next week before a few showers approach the region sometime on Tuesday. This does not look like a major rainmaker. Have a great weekend.

—Dave Epstein

What you need to know, currently.

The World Meteorological Association announced that they are retiring Ida from their list of storm names, after Hurricane Ida caused $65 billion in damages and killed 155 people in Louisiana and across the Northeast.

Ida made landfall at Port Fourchon, Louisiana on August 29, 2021 as a Category 4, devastating coastal towns outside of New Orleans levee system. The levees did hold, a victory for post-Katrina engineering, but the remnants of the storm brought tornado outbreaks and unprecedented flooding as it moved across the Northeast.

Imagine Waterworks, a New Orleans-based community organization focused on Climate Justice, has been a leader in mutual-aid work around hurricane recovery in Louisiana. Yesterday, they announced that they had distributed $100,000 to public health workers who had been impacted by Ida.

In their report, Imagine Waterworks noted that through their selection process for funds distribution, they prioritized BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people.

Imagine Waterworks wrote, “We know that storms hurt communities of color the most. And while the climate crisis a serious health threat for people from all walks of life, it is a major health concern for communities who already face societal inequities and systemic oppression. For the LGBTQ community, social stigma, higher unemployment, and inadequate safe living spaces also makes them more vulnerable to environmental catastrophes.

Hurricane recovery is a pain-staking process though, as Louisiana has been hit by several other storms in the past few months, including several tornadoes just last month. To contribute to year-round recovery work, donate to Imagine Waterworks here.