Currently in Boston — August 1st, 2022

More hot and dry weather this week

Summer continues to bring lots of sunshine and temperature significantly above average. This is going to be the rule for the next 7 to 10 days. The highest temperatures will arrive on Thursday this week with readings 95 to 100°. Tomorrow look for temperatures in the 80s with a blend of clouds and sunshine and remaining 85 to 90 on Tuesday. Seabreeze's keep the coastline a little cooler Wednesday before the big heat arrives. The drought continues to be a major factor and this summer resembles 1952 when we also had very little rain and temperatures significantly above average.

What you need to know, currently.

For more than a year, Currently has been building a weather service for the climate emergency — and listening to our members to build the kinds of weather and climate services that frontline communities need to stay safe, all while expanding joy and justice amid escalating extreme weather.

We’ve heard you, and we’re ready to kick off our 1st annual membership drive in August with some big improvements and brand new services.

All this week, for every 25 new Sustaining Members (including people who upgrade their membership) — and one lucky free member — we’ll give away a free ebike of your choice (ebike limit $1000). We’ve also launched a brand new referral service that will boost your odds by referring your friends and family.

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