Currently in Boston — July 29th, 2022

A fantastic weekend ahead

Humidity came back today and will be with us into tomorrow. We do have the chance for a period of showers later tonight. Friday features a blend of clouds and sunshine and the risk of some overnight showers again. Highs will be at 85°F to 90°F.

The weekend looks fantastic as drier air moves in from Canada, lowering dew points down to the 50s. With plenty of sunshine and actual temperatures in the 80s over the weekend it will be an ideal time to head to the beach, the pool, or just hit the links. I do see signs of a renewed heat wave early next week as temperatures get back at 90°F along with more humidity.

What you need to know, currently.

Eastern Kentucky has been hit by catastrophic flooding Wednesday night and more rain is on the way. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear confirmed that eight people had died overnight, with many more still unaccounted for and waiting to be rescued.

Flash floods aren’t necessarily becoming more common due to climate change, but they are becoming more dramatic. A 2021 paper in Nature found that—while the number of flash floods remained fairly constant—extreme floods tended to be increasing, while moderate flash floods were on the decline.

Flash floods are also growing shorter and more dramatic, which causes roughly the same amount of property damage but makes them much more dangerous for people, who have little warning before their towns are inundated.

You can donate to Eastern Kentucky Mutual Aid below: