Currently in Boston — May 12th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Warmer than average conditions begin Thursday

Warm weather is going to continue to spread toward the coastline on Thursday with temperatures getting into the 70s inland and 60s at the beaches. There will be a blend of clouds and sunshine. The dry weather continues through the weekend with just the smallest risk of a shower but temperatures will be in the 80s Inland holding in the 70s at the beaches. Even Boston could reach 80° for the first time this season in this weather pattern. It's been cooler than average for the first part of May but we're about to go quite a bit warmer than average. Additionally we do need rain as conditions are rapidly drying out and no significant rainfall is in sight.

—Dave Epstein

What you need to know, currently.

Congress is making some halting moves to revive (at least parts?) of President Biden’s doomed Build Back Better plan through budget reconciliation. While passing any meaningful climate legislation before midterms is the country’s best chance at mitigating catastrophe, Democrats have struggled to get their act together.

Robinson Meyer, writing for The Atlantic, noted this week that during Nancy Pelosi’s talk at the Aspen Ideas festival “Susan Goldberg, recently the editor in chief of National Geographic, now a dean at Arizona State University, asked the speaker point-blank whether Democrats were going to pass climate legislation, and Pelosi all but shrugged.”

This new bipartisan push is being led by Senator Joe Manchin, whose vote killed the Build Back Better Act. According to NBC, some Democrats worry Manchin is simply stalling until Congress takes its August recess.

Tell your senators to pass climate legislation now.