Currently in Boston — May 11th, 2022

A few more clouds during Wednesday, warmer Thursday

The weather, currently.

The wind didn't seem quite as bad today, although it was cool at the coast with reading staying in the 50s. Tomorrow I'm thinking some of the clouds from the coastal storm may push Westward and there's even the chance of a little bit of drizzle right along the coastline. It's going to still be cool what temperatures in the 50s at the coast and getting into the 60s west of Route 495. Look for warmer and partly sunny conditions for Thursday with readings approaching 80°F well inland 60°F to 70s from the beaches to the West. The warm weather continues into the weekend with some humidity.

—Dave Epstein

What you need to know, currently.

Currently published a story by Alexandra Applegate today, on the benefits of solar power in low-income communities.

“Historically, low and moderate-income communities have been left out of the move to solar — and the savings that accompany it — even though those are the households that could benefit the most,” Applegate writes. “Two-thirds of low-income households experience a high energy burden, paying around 8.6 percent of their annual income on utilities. This is three times more than what non-low-income households pay for their heat and electricity.”

“Yet, across America, people who own solar are generally more wealthy. A 2022 Lawrence Berekley report found that solar owners have an average income that is 58 percent higher than their county’s median. After all, it costs up to $30,000 to complete a solar system installation on one home. Plus, many low-income Americans are renters or their homes do not have the sufficient infrastructure to support solar panels.”

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